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The White House fired employees who used marijuana

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The new administration of the President of the United States promised not to punish employees for using marijuana in the past, but several people were fired.

Five employees were fired from the White House due to the use of marijuana. This was announced by the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki on Friday.

“A few weeks ago, we announced that the White House was working with security to update the policy to ensure past marijuana use does not automatically deny staff the opportunity to serve in the White House ... As a result, there will be more people serving who previously could not, with the same level of drug use recently. The bottom line is this: out of hundreds of hired people, only five people who started working in the White House no longer work as a result of this policy, “- wrote Psaki on Twitter.

However, several other cannabis users are working remotely while they are being tested.

Psaki made this statement shortly after The Daily Beast reported that “dozens of young White House employees were suspended, demanded to quit their jobs, or transferred to remote work” after admitting that they had used marijuana in the past.

As the newspaper notes, when applying for a job in the White House, candidates fill out a special questionnaire, in which, in particular, they are asked about their past use of marijuana. The FBI can then test how honest the response was, including by interviewing family members and friends of the job seeker. The discrepancy between the answer and the subsequently obtained data about the person may serve as a reason for the refusal. At the same time, the White House does not explain to the candidates for the positions themselves, what kind of criteria regarding the use of marijuana exist when hiring.

They fired themselves claim that when they were hired, they were told that in the new administration they would turn a blind eye to marijuana use in the past, but after they took up vacancies, they were called and demanded to quit. It was, in particular, about employees who previously lived in states where marijuana is legalized.

Note, Virginia recently became the first southern state in America to support the legalization of marijuana. At the federal level in the United States, possession and use of marijuana are illegal.

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