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In Berlin, about 1.8 thousand police officers are on duty at protests

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About 1.8 thousand police officers are on duty in the center of Berlin in connection with 11 protests, which on Saturday are carried out both by opponents of the German government's policy aimed at countering the coronavirus pandemic, and opponents of the so-called "COVID dissidents” — members of the left movement and Antifa. Told the city police.

“About 1,800 police officers are stationed in the City of Berlin — along the Tiergarten Park, the government quarter. They provide security at 11 protests in the city, in which both 'COVID dissidents' and their opponents participate,” said a spokeswoman for the department.

She added that some of the actions have already ended, they passed peacefully, the number of participants was less than declared.

The previously planned rally of opponents of the government's restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic did not take place due to the lack of participants, police said.

“In general, at moment the city is calm, there are fewer people at the rallies than usual,” said a representative of the department.

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