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The U.S. Secretary of Commerce told us how America could benefit from the coronavirus...

Due to the outbreak of pneumonia in China, jobs may return to the United States...

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce told us how America could benefit from the coronavirus...

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Fox News said the coronavirus spike in China could have a positive impact on the U.S. economy, leading to the return of jobs that had previously been lost due to the movement of certain products to China, or the transition to importing goods from that country.

The official said he did not want to “celebrate through a very unfortunate, very harmful disease,” but “it is a factor that companies should consider when reviewing their supply chains.

“It is another risk factor that people should weigh. I believe it can accelerate the return of jobs to the U.S., perhaps also to Mexico,” The Hill said.

Earlier we reported that there is no vaccine from the new coronavirus from China and it will not appear soon. Also, the use of masks and garlic will not help in the fight against the virus. This was told by a pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences Eugene Komarovsky. He also named people for whom the coronavirus is a terrible threat.

Recall that the number of victims of viral pneumonia, which is caused by a new type of coronavirus, is already 259 people. Another 11,700 people are listed as infected.

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