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The Germans refused to work at the Tesla plant even for a huge salary

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Tesla Elon Musk had difficulties in hiring top managers and engineers in Germany, although the auto giant offers huge salaries (up to 357 thousand dollars), writes Business Insider.

Tesla is completing the construction of a plant near Berlin, the company plans to begin production of the Model Y in June this year. However, most of the 350 battery design and manufacturing positions remain vacant. The Germans refuse to work at Tesla because Elon Musk's company is a newcomer to the country's labor market, experts explain.

Candidates are ready to pay salaries ranging from 148 to 238 thousand dollars. Tesla even offers $357,000 in earnings (excluding bonus payments) for one of the executive positions, but there are no applicants yet. Another problem is that there are not enough battery specialists in Germany.

Earlier it was reported that buyers of Tesla Model 3 in the largest European market in the UK will be forced to pay more, as the country's authorities cut subsidies for the purchase of electric cars.

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