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The US imposed an arms trade embargo with Russia

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The United States also imposed a host of other trade restrictions because Russia "used chemical weapons against its own citizens."

New US sanctions against Russia will begin on March 18. This was announced on Wednesday by the US Department of Commerce. From this moment on, the American departments will be guided by the "presumption of refusal" when considering applications for the import of products into Russia that are related to national security. Thus, the likelihood of obtaining such a license will be minimal.

In addition, the United States is imposing a complete ban on arms exports and imports for Russia. The corresponding document was published in the US Federal Register.

The American authorities are also suspending licenses for servicing equipment supplied to Russia and replacing its parts.

There are some exceptions to these restrictions. Thus, America's cooperation with Russia in the field of space exploration will continue until September. In addition, the prohibitions do not include products necessary for the safety of flights of civilian passenger aircraft. Exports for wholly American-owned subsidiaries in Russia are also permitted.

The reason for the new sanctions was that Russia, as believed by the American authorities, used chemical or biological weapons against its own citizens. We are talking about Sergei Skripal and Alexei Navalny. Officially, Russia has completely denied the accusations of their poisoning.

Earlier this month, the United States imposed personal sanctions on nine Russian companies that US officials believe are involved in the production of chemical weapons.

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