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Biden calls Putin a killer: how they reacted in Russia

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US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a murderer, which sparked outrage in Moscow. The State Duma has already dubbed it an insult to all Russians.

“Biden offended the citizens of our country with his statement. This is hysteria from impotence. Putin is our president, attacks on him are attacks on our country,” the speaker of the Russian parliament said.

In an interview with ABC News, Joe Biden said that Putin oversaw a massive effort to “vilify” his candidacy in the US elections.

“We talked for a long time ... I know him relatively well,” Biden said.

The journalist asked if he thought Putin was the killer, to which Biden replied, “Mmm, yes.”

The US President added that Putin will have to answer for everything. At the same time, he noted that it is possible to cooperate where joint work is in common interests. So, Biden intends to renew the arms agreement with Russia.

We will remind you, the US national intelligence has declassified its report on interference in the US elections in 2020, focused on the actions of three countries — Iran, China, and Russia, and a third of the report concerns the Russian Federation.

According to the document, Russia again interfered in the presidential elections and, not without the participation of Ukrainian citizens, tried to influence their outcome, discrediting the Democrat Joe Biden who won the vote.

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