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When will the payback for lying and conspiracy against the president come?

Adam Schiff will surely go down in history as Judge Trump. No, not the House of Representatives who voted to impeach the President, but the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff, as the face and voice of this House.

Even the image of the iron and irreconcilable “savior” of America Speaker Nancy Pelosi pales against the background of the hero of all liberal media, who gave birth in his painful mind all the insidious plan to eliminate Trump.

People applauding the cynical and deceitful Schiff are applauding the lawlessness, adapting forgery as evidence. We are accustomed to tolerance, to lying, each time increasing the doses of injections. We're being told black by whites and half the citizens have already been convinced that they are. They slip us a legal “doll” and people believe it's securities, not a bunch of fakes. We are convinced of the honesty of the testimony, not telling that they are no witnesses at all, but participants in a conspiracy against the president.

And here the question arises: where were those who by the nature of service had to stop the coup d'etat all these years? Was it that conspiracy against the legally elected president, against half of the law-abiding citizens who elected him?

This is a conspiracy against the foundations of our state and its values. One can disagree with the president and his policy, but one cannot remove the law by illegal methods. One can hate Trump and his manners, one can spit from his tweets, but one cannot overthrow the president on the basis of personal misperception, ignoring the positive results of his activity, pushing people to a cruel internal confrontation. One cannot engage in provocations that destabilize and weaken the state.

Trump's team of lawyers is professional and she is doing her job right, but the people are listening to Schiff and all his “long-nosed” colleagues all this time, and believe in a theatrical production in which actors play behind crooked mirrors, and the audience perceives the whole theatrical ersatz for a clean coin.

Schiff leads a choir of carefully selected voices singing the same learned text. And the text itself is written by a mysterious “truth to anyone”, of which everyone knows, but you can't name it. It is reminiscent of Lord Voldemort's mention in a series of books about Harry Potter — “No one must not be named. Yes, the one that can't be named, but everybody knows the name of the informant, everybody knows what this man is and what his aims are, but white and black can't be named, it's cold and hot not to speak...

In front of our eyes, a cynical political show is turning into a cruel farce. And it is possible with the full connivance of those who by the nature of service long ago it was time to raise the issues of protection of citizens' constitutional rights to access to information.

Kimberly Strassel's article in The Wall Street Journal, one of the few remaining unbiased publications, clearly defined the whole of what the world was witnessing. Judge for yourself:

“Democrats have violated all standards of due process, transparency, and fairness in their House of Representatives investigations by laughing at their constitutional duty”.

“They concealed the identity of the original prosecutor, depriving Republicans and countries of the opportunity to judge his motives”.

“They called 18 witnesses, but blocked the president from calling anyone in his defense.”

“The legal group of the White House was excluded from the trial — the cross-examination of witnesses was forbidden, and the possibility to present any evidence testifying to the central issue of the president's focus on corruption in Ukraine was denied”.

In the end, “Democrats approved two articles of impeachment that could not identify the crime”.

Bravo, Adam Schiff, and comrades! Bravo! You showed an example of violence against the law, but you forgot that we still live in a state governed by the rule of law.

In basketball there is a concept of “foul” — it's non-compliance with the rules due to personal contact with an opponent and/or unsporting behavior. The player who has committed any of these violations will be declared a personal comment.

Kimberly Strassel correctly defined basketball “foul” as what had been happening in recent months, culminating in the Senate: “Foul” served as the most powerful and honest argument of the Republican Party since the first days of these impeachment maneuvers”...

With the president off the hook, the Senate will not stop the cynical resistance. But we have the right to hear in court all the initiators of the shameful fourth year. And at the same time, it's time to sue all the lying 24/7 media. Lies are well paid for, but they have to be well paid for by liars.

And for another repetition of the alphabet of the law: we still have three branches of government in our country, and the president with Congress only two of them. Confronting these two branches is provided for in the Constitution. If there is a conflict between them, there is a third branch of power, the Supreme Court, as well as the verdict of the court, independent of the first two branches. But in our country, the fourth, mass media, is in charge of the power, which is not given the constitutional right on behalf of citizens. The media has usurped the right to the truth, which has long since become a service to the same gentlemen who sponsor the Democratic Party and its media. There are virtually no other media left. And so long noses, as a symbol of our era, become a daily and obligatory attribute of politicians and their writers.

Adam Schiff and all democratic congressmen who voted unanimously for the illegitimate should not just declare a foul, they should pay well for their own lies and be deprived of the right to play on the legal field. And this must be done loudly and articulately because ordinary viewers no longer always understand the right words — they believe emotions.

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