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Trump hinted that he will take part in the next US presidential election

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While the former president intends to focus on supporting the Republicans

Former US President Donald Trump may take part in the struggle for the presidency in the next elections.

He stated this on the air of Fox News.

“According to all polls, they want me to run again. But we'll see, we'll think,” Trump said.

For now, he intends to focus on supporting Republicans who are vying for seats in the House of Representatives of Congress.

Trump believes that the Republicans have a chance to regain control of both houses of the US Congress following the midterm elections in 2022.

Only after these elections, as noted by Trump, will he decide on his participation in the presidential race.

“I think we’ll perform well in two years, we’ll perform well in four years,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that Trump banned Republicans from using his name for fundraising.

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