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A new strain of coronavirus found in northwest France

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In the French province of Brittany, in the northwest of the country, a new variant of the coronavirus has been identified. This was announced by the country's Ministry of Health.

“Following the identification of a new variant [coronavirus] (derived from Clade 20C) by sequencing in Brittany, the health authorities are taking the necessary monitoring and support measures,” the report said. Clade 20C is a type of coronavirus that has spread to North America.

According to the country's Ministry of Health, 79 cases of COVID-19 were detected on March 13, and eight of them were due to a new variant of the coronavirus. The department points out that the first test results do not allow conclusions to be drawn about the increased danger or infectiousness of this mutation.

Doctors are currently researching this option. Scientists plan to conduct experiments that will show how the new type of COVID-19 reacts to vaccination and antibodies that appeared during the disease with the “classic” variant of the virus.

On the day preceding March 15, 6,471 cases of coronavirus were detected in France, as follows from the information of the French Ministry of Health. 333 people died in a day. In total, over the entire period of the pandemic, 4 million cases of COVID-19 infection and 90,788 deaths due to coronavirus were recorded in the country.

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