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Kim Jong-un's sister warns Washington against reckless steps

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The sister of North Korean leader Kim Yeo-Jung warned the administration of US President Joe Biden not to “do something stupid” if she wants to sleep peacefully for the next four years, writes CNN.

According to a number of experts, Pyongyang will for the time being refuse direct contact with the United States both because of Washington's rhetoric and because the Biden administration has not yet developed its own strategy on North Korea.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Yeo-Jung warned the Biden administration not to “do something stupid at the first step.” With a similar statement, she made just a few hours after the White House announced that its attempts to establish contact with Pyongyang were unsuccessful, writes CNN.

“We will take this opportunity to warn the new US administration, which is struggling to make our soil smell of gunpowder,” she said. “If for the next four years she wants to sleep peacefully, then she should try not to do anything stupid at her first step.”

A similar warning from Sister Kim Jong-un sounded against the backdrop of US and South Korean military exercises taking place on a scaled-back scale, while Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in the region to meet with their Japanese and South Korean counterparts.

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the administration has tried to establish contact with North Korea, noting that Washington, “as always, has a number of channels through which communication can be established.”

“Diplomacy has always been our goal. Our goal is to reduce the risk of exacerbation. However, at the moment we have not received any response, ” she added.

Meanwhile, according to experts, Pyongyang, in any case, is likely to abandon the dialogue for a number of reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic, the process of reviewing the policy towards North Korea by the Biden team, and the rhetoric of the US administration.

The Biden administration is still busy revising the Trump administration's strategy for North Korea, and according to a senior State Department official, the changes could be made public “in the coming weeks.”

While Joe Biden is unlikely to write “love letters” to Kim Jong-un like his predecessor, his administration has not yet given any signals that it is going to change the US approach to the hermit state. In particular, US officials have repeatedly stated that their goal is “the complete denuclearization of North Korea.”

“Entering from nuclear disarmament is a dead issue,” said MIT associate professor of political science Vipin Narang, adding that “every time we use this phrase, we give ourselves a five-year fine * because the North Koreans will never agree to it.”

The North Koreans believe that nuclear disarmament is extremely disadvantageous to them, since the events in Iraq, Libya, as well as the disputes over the Iranian nuclear deal are still fresh in their memory. In particular, the leaders of Iraq and Libya were overthrown after they abandoned their nuclear programs under pressure from the United States, while Iran made a deal with the United States, from which Washington left after a few years, imposing economic sanctions against Tehran.

"There is nothing wrong with going towards nuclear disarmament, towards the complete denuclearization of North Korea in the long term, but I would say that the way it is presented is very important here," said Frank Aum, a senior expert on North Korea at the American Institute for Peace. ... - This is a very delicate issue because one cannot simply say that we need negotiations and negotiations will be on the complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea, as it sounds very one-sided. We need to count on a long term, and not strive for the Libyan model of total denuclearization in the style of "first you, and then we will give you something."

According to Narang, the Biden's team's desire to maintain an emphasis on nuclear disarmament in North Korea "is unlikely to help, as the US insists on a step that it strongly disagrees with."

Former officials and experts also noted that promises by Biden officials during the confirmation hearings not to lift restrictions against North Korea did not go unnoticed in Pyongyang, which may have influenced his decision not to make direct contact with the United States.

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