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Donald Trump criticized the interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Recently, Oprah Winfrey's sensational interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aired. From it, we learned a lot of shocking facts: as it turned out while living in England, Meghan had suicidal thoughts, but she was not allowed to see a specialist; the royal family was afraid that Archie (the son of Harry and Meghan) would be born black, and Prince Charles stopped answering Harry's calls.

Unsurprisingly, Harry and Meghan's interview has become one of the most talked-about topics. Former US President Donald Trump also paid attention to him. According to Jason Miller, a former Trump communications adviser, the politician admitted to him that he did not like Meghan. “She's no good,” Miller quotes Trump as saying. “I said it, and now everyone sees it.”

Trump also said he supports TV host Piers Morgan, who left the Good Morning Britain talk show shortly after the interview was released. Although Morgan claims that he quit on his own, most likely, he is lying: the media leaked information that after the release of the interview with Harry and Meghan, the British commission regulating the work of the media was forced to study the broadcast of Good Morning Britain, as it received more than 41 thousand complaints from viewers about the insults voiced in the program.

So, Morgan said that Harry and Meghan destroyed everything that the queen built, and questioned Meghan's words that she was denied help after her complaints about thoughts of suicide. Weather presenter Alex Beresford got into a controversy with Morgan and accused him of being biased against Mark, pointing out that she never responded to Morgan's attacks. After that, Morgan left the studio with the words “I've had enough”.

According to Miller, Trump believes that Morgan was unfairly fired. “I'm on Team Pierce,” Trump says. — Piers Morgan is the best. He was fired simply because he was critical of Meghan Markle.”

Note that this is not the first time Trump has criticized Meghan. Last year, he said he wasn't a fan and wished Harry good luck.

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