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In South Korea urged to introduce weekend after coronavirus vaccinations

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South Korea's health authorities must develop ways to provide extra days off for residents of the country who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, Prime Minister Jong Se Kyun instructed. According to him, the need for this arose because of the side effects observed after the injection — in particular, fever and pain in the body.

“There is a need to systematize post-vaccination weekends to encourage people to participate with confidence in the vaccination program,” Jung Se Kyun said during an interagency meeting (quoted from Yonhap News Agency). Citizens' participation in the vaccination campaign “without fear or uncertainty” will allow the country's population to be vaccinated quickly and according to plans, he said.

Mass vaccination in South Korea began in February. By the second half of the year, the authorities expect to vaccinate 12 million people. From April, the vaccination program is planned to include people over 75 years old, school nurses, prison workers, and people in institutions for the disabled and homeless.

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