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Tattooing by a robot remotely? This will soon become commonplace

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The mobile operator T-Mobile came up with an unusual advertisement: as part of the popularization of 5G networks, the company made a tattoo using a robot arm, which was controlled remotely. It sounds weird and weird, but it works.

The robot's arm was controlled by a tattoo artist via 5G networks. The tattoo artist remotely drew hands on the model, and the robot repeated his actions. The delay of actions was imperceptible, and the robot's accuracy was high, but not perfect: the lines turned out to be crooked, but it is also impossible to exclude the client's movements in this case.

The technology raises questions since some points can only be controlled by a person. For example, the master constantly makes sure that the skin remains stationary and pulls it so that the pigment is evenly distributed under the skin. It also adjusts the depth of needle penetration to eliminate scars and needle cuts. In addition, the layout of artificial leather is not much like ordinary leather — of course, the layout stretches, but each person has their own characteristics, which need a certain approach. This is what I say as a former tattoo artist.

The advertisement turned out to be beautiful, but there are still many nuances that have nothing to do with the tattoo and in the near future it will not be used in tattoo studios for sure. Perhaps, in very expensive studios, such a robot may appear simply for the sake of demonstrating the solvency of the management. But good craftsmen, who need to do high-quality work, will not participate in this kind of work.

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