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Palestine has announced the severance of ties with Israel and the U.S.

The “deal of the century” on the annexation of the Jordan Valley caused strong resistance.

The head of the Palestinian administration Mahmoud Abbas announced the termination of all contacts with Israel and the United States because of the “deal of the century” in the Middle East settlement proposed by the American president. Abbas said that a single paragraph on “Jerusalem — the capital of Israel” would be enough for the Palestinians never to accept Donald Trump's proposals.

“We have informed Israel and the United States that we are cutting off all contact with them, including in the security sector. I will not write my name in history as someone who sold Jerusalem. That is why I completely reject this plan,” the Palestinian leader said at an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, which discussed the Arab response to the deal, Haaretz reports.

He said that a single paragraph about “Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” would be enough to ensure that the “deal of the century” would never be accepted by the Palestinians. Let us recall that the “deal of the century” states that “a Palestinian state will be established with “East Jerusalem” as its capital, while “Jerusalem will remain united and indivisible”.

“We have informed Israel and the United States that we are ceasing all contact with them, including in the area of security,” Abbas said, stressing that relevant letters have already been sent to the leadership of Israel and the CIA.

The cessation of security coordination between Israel and the PA as of February 1 did not appear in the Israeli media. Ynet reports with reference to its own sources that contacts in the field of security between the Palestinian Authority and Israel are continuing.

“We do not want you to speak out against the United States. But we want peace to support the Palestinian people. The King of Saudi Arabia told me that he supports us. The King of Jordan is supporting us,” Mahmoud Abbas said during the meeting.

Earlier in Amman and Ankara, the “deal of the century” was ambiguously commented on, making it clear that it seemed too pro-Israeli.

Recall that on Tuesday, January 28, U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented in the White House an American plan for a Middle East settlement, also called the “deal of the century. The Israeli government and opposition leader Beni Ganz welcomed the draft agreement, while the Palestinian side strongly opposed the American “deal”.

The diametrically opposed interests of Israel and Palestine

“The Deal of the Century envisages the establishment of an independent State of Palestine, with Abu Dis as its capital, on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem. The Palestinian authorities must demilitarize and refuse to support the radical Hamas movement, Islamic Jihad and other military units operating in the Gaza Strip.

The plan envisages the continuation of Palestinian agricultural activities in the Jordan Valley, the Valley itself to be controlled by Israel, which will retain its settlements, including in the West Bank, northern Dead Sea, and the Golan Heights. Israeli settlement construction in the Palestinian territories is proposed to be frozen for four years.

It is proposed that the West Bank of Jordan be separated from Jordan by a strip of Israeli territory with two checkpoints. Gaza Strip — to significantly expand and add two major areas along the Egyptian border. According to the deal, Palestinian refugees would not be able to settle in Israel, but they were given a choice: either to live in the territory of a Palestinian State or to go to a third country. The US also offered Palestine $50 billion in investment.

According to critics of the American President and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the peace plan, in fact, hides a powerful PR campaign. Trump seeks to divert attention from the impeachment process and gain the support of the U.S. Jewish community, while Netanyahu, who is facing three criminal charges, seeks to improve the situation on the eve of the third Knesset election in a year.

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