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North Korea ignores Biden administration

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The administration of US President Joseph Biden has not yet been able to establish contact with the DPRK authorities through diplomatic channels. Since mid-February, the US president has been trying to establish a dialogue with representatives of North Korea, in particular, with the UN mission of Pyongyang, but so far there is no answer.

This is reported by Reuters, citing a senior source in the White House.

The reluctance of the North Korean authorities to make contact, writes Reuters, raises concerns, including against the background of Biden's planned visit to South Korea and Japan at the end of March.

Active contacts between the United States and North Korea were interrupted almost a year ago, but the publication does not name the reason. Biden is currently conducting a “comprehensive policy review following the 45th US President Donald Trump's interaction with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,” which will be completed “in the coming weeks.”

Earlier, the US Senate approved the candidacy of Merrick Garland for the post of Attorney General of the country. He will also serve as the new Minister of Justice.

US President Joe Biden promised Americans that on July 4 they will celebrate not only US Independence Day, but also independence day from the coronavirus.

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