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The UK will build up its military capabilities in cyberspace

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The UK intends to build up its military capabilities in cyberspace to counter its potential adversaries. This is stated in the speech of the Prime Minister of the country Boris Johnson, distributed on March 13 by his office.

“Digital capabilities are revolutionizing the way we live and fight wars, just as aviation did a hundred years ago. We need to build up our cybernetic capabilities in order to have at our disposal all the opportunities that it provides. At the same time, we must ensure that we are able to thwart any plan by those who intend to use cybernetic means to attack us and our way of life,” he said.

Johnson is expected to announce the capacity-building next week during the presentation of a comprehensive review of the country's security, defense, and foreign policy issues. According to the head of government, the new approach to the cybersphere will completely change the UK's ability to protect people and promote its interests in the world.

Earlier on Saturday, the head of the strategic command of the British armed forces, General Sir Patrick Sanders, said that Russia and China are gaining advantages in military technologies during the “battle for cyberspace.”

According to Sanders, China changed the position of the world order, and Russia combined military and non-military means to change the balance of power, “undermining the unity of society in the West, spreading disinformation.”

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