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Patients died at COVID hospital in Jordan: minister resigns on the same day

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The cause of the tragedy was the sudden shutdown of the oxygen supply

Jordan's health minister, Nathir Obeidat, has resigned in the wake of an accident at a government hospital that killed six patients.

Reported by Reuters.

The accident occurred earlier in the day in the new medical complex in the city of Al-Salt, where patients with coronavirus were treated. On the morning of March 13, it became known about an hour-long cutoff of oxygen supply in a medical facility, which led to the death of six people in the intensive care unit.

The problem also affected the intensive care and maternity wards, but there were no deaths here.

After the incident, angry families of the victims poured into the clinic, but they were met by armed servicemen. Riots were avoided, but relatives were not allowed into the medical facility.

However, later the hospital was visited by the Jordanian King Abdullah II.

The head of the Ministry of Health said that the reason for the lack of oxygen has not yet been established, but an investigation has been launched on this matter. He also took on the moral responsibility for what happened.

In response, Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh asked Obeidat to step down, which he did.

It is worth noting that Jordan is now experiencing a surge in the incidence of coronavirus, and on March 11, a record number of new cases of COVID-19 — 8300 — were found in the country. Against this background, epidemiological measures were strengthened in the Middle East kingdom and complete isolation on Fridays was introduced.

Recall that a British strain of coronavirus was also found in Jordan in December.

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