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US policeman who messes up apartments and kills neighbor

A policeman who mistakenly shot her neighbor was sentenced by an American court to 10 years in prison. Despite this, the victims' relatives forgave the killer. It is reported by the BBC.

US police employee Amber Geiger, who had worked for four years at the time of the murder, killed her roommate Bottom Jin, who was sitting on the couch and eating ice cream at the time of the murder.

According to the policeman, she mixed up the apartments in the dark and decided that this was her apartment into which the robber had penetrated. A spokesman for the Rangers division, who was investigating the case, confirmed that due to the architectural features of the house, its residents often confused the apartments. However, a representative of the prosecutor stated that this could not be a mistake.

The murder sparked protests in society, which escalated when Geiger was about to press charges of “manslaughter”, which implies less severe punishment. As a result of the court hearings, which lasted seven days, the police admitted that she killed the “innocent man” and received 10 years in prison, although she was facing up to 99 years. At the last meeting, the brother and father of the deceased said they forgive Geiger. “I would not want to send you to jail, I love you as a person and I do not want you to feel bad,” said Brother Bosma. After that, they hugged Amber and for a long time did not let each other go.

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