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Scandal erupts in the Atlantic Council of the USA over the publication about Russia

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At the Atlantic Council, a well-known US think tank, a scandal arose over a publication about Russia posted on the center's official website by two of its employees.

As the American publication, Politico writes in the article “The Atlantic Council is at war over Russia,” “two dozen Atlantic Council workers and staff issued a statement denouncing two of their colleagues for publishing an article on the think tank's website. Which is considered pro-Russian ”.

Emma Ashford and Matthew Burroughs, two senior Atlantic Council experts, published an article on Friday stating that “the United States should not focus on human rights in its relationship with Russia” and that “democratization in Russia will not necessarily benefit US foreign policy”, reports Politico.

According to the publication, the article by Ashford and Burroughs prompted 22 think tank employees to issue a statement on Tuesday in which they distanced themselves from the authors, saying that the article “hits by.” Among the signatories are three former US ambassadors John Herbst, Alexander Vershbow, and Daniel Fried, who have worked at the State Department for almost 40 years.

“Their article is based on the erroneous assumption that human rights and national interests are separate and that US policy towards Russia has been and remains predominantly linked to human rights issues,” the statement said.

According to the assumptions of one of the signatories, the position of one of the donors of the Atlantic Council, Charles Koch, who provided $4.5 million over five years, could have influenced the wording of the authors of the article. However, Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe denied these reproaches.

The article “caused a lot of buzz in this usually low-key centrist think tank,” Politico notes. “This does not reflect American interests,” one of the signatories told the publication.

Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson, while not signing the statement, noted that he personally disagrees with Ashford and Burroughs and “strongly believes that human rights are an integral part of US national security interests.” At the same time, he stressed that he respects “their right to express their arguments.”

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