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A homeless man accidentally made his way to Biden's plane and walking around there for five hours

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The man managed to slip through several levels of security unnoticed.

The homeless man spent five hours walking around the American military base Andrews, where the plane of US President Joe Biden is based. The man went through several levels of security and even made his way to the airliner, which was on the runway.

The incident happened on February 4, but the US Navy only spoke about it now.

An internal investigation showed that the guard was busy with personal affairs and let the homeless man in without checking his documents. In addition, automatic gates did not work in the aircraft parking area.

The intruder himself, during interrogation, explained that he had no bad intentions — he just wanted to see the liners. During the impromptu camping trip, the curious man also visited the food court and the VIP terminal.

It is not yet known whether he will be charged.

The Andrews Military Base, south of Washington, is where the President, Secretary of Defense, and other senior US officials fly in on the business.

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