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In the United States, the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell was arrested

An Arizona resident was detained at the request of Iraq.

In the United States, the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell was arrested

Photo: AFP

In the American state of Arizona, a Phoenix resident was detained and suspected of terrorism. According to the prosecutor's office, the detainee is one of the leaders of the terrorist network "Al-Qaeda" operating in Iraq.

Yousef Ahmed Al-Nuri, 42, was arrested at the request of Iraq, which came in late January, where he is accused, among other things, of involvement in the murder of two police officers in 2006.

In Iraq, Al-Nuri is described as the leader of a cell of Al-Qaida that operates within the country and attacks on detainees.

A court in the US will consider the possibility of extraditing Al-Nuri to Iraq. The U.S. prosecutor's office does not specify when Al-Nuri came to the U.S., as well as the status of Al-Nuri in that country.

Recall that on October 27, U.S. President Donald Trump officially announced the elimination of the most dangerous terrorist in the world. He noted that America has no doubts about the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi because it was possible to check his DNA. The terrorist's remains have been dumped at sea, media reported.

The whereabouts of the head of ISGIL are known to have been pointed out by an informant, but by whom he was not known. Some sources call him a Sunni Arab who wanted to avenge the death of a relative, while others call him a former associate of Al-Baghdadi, who became a renegade after being disillusioned with him. It has also been reported that the plans for the terrorist's safe haven were discovered by Kurdish intelligence.

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