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The US imposes new restrictions on Huawei suppliers

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Joe Biden's administration has added new restrictions for Huawei suppliers. Writes about it Reuters.

This week, the Biden administration changed the licenses for companies to sell to China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, further restricting the company from supplying products that can be used with 5G devices.

The changes could violate existing contracts with Huawei based on previous licenses approved for suppliers, and they may no longer be able to comply with them.

A spokesman for the US Department of Commerce declined to comment on the information, stating that the licensing information is subject to confidentiality. The actions show that the Biden administration is stepping up a hard line on exports against Huawei, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer that is viewed as a threat to national security.

Initial export licenses were granted by the Department of Commerce after the company was blacklisted in 2019, citing a threat to national security.

US Department of Justice accuses Chinese company Huawei Technologies of helping Iran spy on protesters.

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