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Millions of women go without contraception due to COVID-19

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Due to the pandemic, not all women can access family planning services

Millions of women and girls around the world have lost access to contraceptives and abortion services due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to CBS News, researchers at the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) estimate that 12 million women in 115 low- and middle-income countries have been unable to access family planning services due to COVID-19, resulting in 1.4 million unplanned pregnancies in 2020.

It is noted that the data of the initial UN forecast, fortunately, did not come true.

For example, in April 2020, UNFPA suggested that if isolation related to coronavirus lasts six months with severe disruption to services, 47 million women in 114 low- and middle-income countries may “be unable to use modern contraception.”

At the time, UNFPA was concerned that the violation could “seriously undermine progress” towards increasing access to birth control, reducing gender-based violence, and improving maternal health.

According to UNFPA Executive Director Natalia Kanem, if the initial data were correct, the result would be disastrous. In her opinion, the cohesion of the international community helped to prevent this scenario.

Recall, according to a study by the European Commission, women have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic more than men.

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