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Vangi's appalling coronavirus prophecy

Vangi's appalling coronavirus prophecy

The terrifying prophecy of the Bulgarian fortune-teller Vangelia Gushterova, better known as Vanga, about the coronavirus, which is rapidly spreading all over the world, has appeared on the Internet. It turned out that back in the '70s of the twentieth century pointed to the emergence of the first decade of the XXI century terrible infection, which will take many lives.

However, according to Vanga, the epidemic would start in Africa, not China.

According to the clairvoyant, it would take at least a year to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, during which time many people would die. All this is quite consistent with current predictions of doctors who say it will not be easy to defeat the infection.

The authors point out that Vangi's prophecy may have been known by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, who contributed $10 million to fight the spread of 2019-cNoV in Africa. But the trouble began where it was least expected — in China. According to the latest information on the morning of February 1, the number of deaths from the new type of coronavirus has already reached 259 people, as reported by South China Morning Post.

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