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Hackers hacked 150 thousand cameras and spied on prisons, hospitals, and companies

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Bloomberg reported a massive hacking of cameras, citing a member of the international group Advanced Persistent Threat 69420.

According to the interlocutor, hackers gained access to 150 thousand devices in police stations, schools, women's clinics, psychiatric hospitals, Tesla, Cloudflare, as well as at the headquarters of the camera manufacturer Verkada. Attackers could monitor live broadcasts and view archived 4K footage.

As evidence, a video was sent to reporters in which Massachusetts police interrogated a man in handcuffs at the station, and 8 hospital staff in Florida grabbed the man and pulled him to the bed.

It is curious that they got access through the super administrator's login and password, which they found on the Internet.

Verkada said it has already disabled all administrator accounts to prevent unauthorized access. The company is currently investigating the incident.

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