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Merkel expects the severe phase of the epidemic in Germany to drag on until July

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The situation with the coronavirus in Germany will remain difficult until at least July, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

As reported by Spiegel, Merkel said this on Wednesday during a video conference.

The head of the German government said that the situation with the coronavirus in Germany will remain tense until the summer.

“It's three or four more difficult months: March, April, May, June,” she said.

Then, according to Merkel, the impact of vaccination in Germany will become apparent.

“Then it will be much better, but now every day is difficult,” the chancellor admitted.

Spring will “ease” some things, she said, but there will be more limitations at this time of year.

Bookstores and flower shops, shops of garden goods, beauty salons, and driving schools have reopened in Germany since March 8.

The rest of the stores, with the exception of grocery and pharmacies, as well as hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, will remain closed for the time being.

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