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Conflict arose between Denmark and Sweden over an artificial island

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Swedish authorities fear that Denmark's construction of an artificial island between the coasts of the two countries will have a negative impact on the environment.

Conflict is brewing between Sweden and Denmark over an artificial island called Lynettholm, which is being built near the Danish capital Copenhagen. According to the authorities of the Swedish region Skane, the island will have a negative impact on the environment and affect the water supply. On Wednesday, March 10, Bloomberg reports.

According to the plan, the island should appear near the Oresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmo. Discussion of the project is scheduled for March 2021. However, Skone opposed the construction. The authorities speculated that the island would affect the environment.

“Oresund is a narrow strait with an excellent ecological balance. We are obliged to maintain it in a healthy state. There is a risk of contamination and a reduction in the flow of water into the straits. The Baltic Sea is already not in the best condition, so we do not want the slightest chance,” they concluded at the Skane water supply service.

Experts supported the concerns of the Swedish side. They noted that real estate on the dangerous island will not be able to solve the housing issue, since, due to the high cost, it will be available only to wealthy buyers. Some experts also drew attention to the state of the Atlantic strait, which is suffering from pollution, and suggested that the construction of the island would exacerbate the problem.

However, representatives of By&Havn, which plan the construction, disagreed with the critical statements. They noted that they had carefully studied the impact of the island on the environment, and called the possible impacts insignificant. By&Havn also confirmed that they had read the statements of the Swedish side and promised to establish a dialogue with neighbors.

The construction of the island was conceived in 2018. Then, in the harbor north of the center of Copenhagen, it was planned to equip a plot of 2.8 square kilometers and build it up with houses by 2050. According to calculations, 35 thousand people could settle there.

Earlier it was reported that Denmark will build an “energy island” in the North Sea for $34 billion. It will generate electricity for 3 million households.

We will remind you, a few years earlier in Denmark built an island for young people. The island is owned by scouts.

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