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A bright meteor swept silently across the US sky

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According to NASA, the bright small object was presumably a fragment of an asteroid and flew at high speed.

A fireball flew in the sky of the United States and Canada, moving at a speed of about 42 thousand miles per hour. Reported by CNN.

“There was no sound. I was very excited to see this. I will never forget this phenomenon,” — said a resident of Vermont.

According to NASA, the object was believed to be a fragment of an asteroid. Scientists were able to determine the size of the meteor — a weight of about 10 pounds and a diameter of about 6 inches.

The agency called the meteor “cute fireworks courtesy of Mother Nature.”

Earlier, netizens shared a video showing the flight of a meteor in the sky over Britain.

Also, residents of the Australian city of Melbourne noticed a fireball in the night sky, which exploded in the sky.

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