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In an attempt to break into the Trump Residence, security shot the car

An emergency occurred in Palm Beach, Florida. Unidentified persons in an SUV there attempted to enter the Mar-a-Lago Presidential Residence. They rammed the fences at the checkpoint and the guards opened fire on the vehicle.

The men in the car then tried to escape but were apprehended. According to American media reports, two women have been detained. Whether they were the only ones in the SUV is still unknown, as is the motive for the attack.

Trump was in Washington at the time of the incident, but on that day he and his wife were planning to travel to Mar-Г -Lago.

Recall that on June 20, 2016, in Las Vegas, USA, the police detained a young guy who was going to shoot Donald Trump, then-presidential candidate of the Republican Party. 19-year-old Michael Sandford, during a rally Trump, tried to talk to a police officer — he said he wanted to get his autograph from the presidential candidate, but in the meantime tried to take his gun from him. He's been detained. During the interrogation, Michael said he needed the gun to attack Trump.

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