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New York Governor faces impeachment over sexual harassment charges

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may face impeachment proceedings over allegations of sexual harassment. The corresponding statement was made by the leader of the Republicans in the lower house of the legislature Will Barkley during a press conference, which was broadcast on Facebook.

According to him, such a resolution was prepared by representatives of the Republican minority in the lower house of the New York State Legislature.

“It takes trust and credibility to run this great state as governor. Unfortunately, we now feel that he has lost it and is unable to lead, ” said Barkley.

He added that Cuomo reaffirmed his decision to remain in office on Monday 8 March.

The Republican also posted the text of the resolution on his Twitter, which says that the governor's resignation or his departure from office was supported by the leaders of both parties in both houses of the Legislative Assembly.

Earlier, Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment for the sixth time.

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