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Biden vows to end sexual assault in the army

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Sexual violence is disgusting and unacceptable at any time, especially in the US military, where unit cohesion is built on trust among colleagues, President Joseph Biden said. The head of state promised to end this phenomenon, as it threatens the national security of the United States.

In addition, Biden recommended the appointment of General Jacqueline Van Ovost to the post of head of Transport Command, and General Laura Richardson was offered to lead the US Southern Command. It is reported that under Donald Trump, these women were not even nominated for promotion, since the Republican president would not approve of their candidacy.

Recall that a major sex scandal broke out in the US Army in 2020. Thus, the check revealed 93 cases of violence against military personnel at the Fort Hood military base, which is located in Texas. After that, 14 officers lost their posts.

The check was carried out after the body of a 20-year-old soldier, who was considered missing, was found. In addition, in 2020, Fort Hood recorded 25 deaths among soldiers and officers. Most of them are suicides.

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