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How the world reacted to the interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on March 7, is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about in recent years. During the conversation, several frank confessions were made. For example, Meghan accused some members of the royal family (names were not named) of racism, and the press — of a biased attitude. The couple's revelations caused a controversial reaction from the public: someone supported their courage, but someone noticed some inconsistencies in the stories of Megan and Harry and doubted their sincerity. Collected the reaction of celebrities and netizens in our material.

Many famous people also watched the interview, who also shared their impressions of what they saw with the press. Many have expressed their support for Meghan Markle and criticized the working methods of the British tabloids. For example, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that it was hard for her to watch the interview, which in some places was truly heartbreaking.

You know, I too have had experience with British tabloids, as well as anyone who is in the public eye. And their brutality in persecuting Megan was just outrageous, as was the fact that she did not receive much support, and the reaction to it was: “Let's just pretend that nothing happened, that everything will pass by itself, and we will not raise our heads.” Well, you know, this young woman was not going to lower her head. It's 2021, and she wanted to live her life, and she had every right to hope that it was possible,

Clinton said in an interview with Washington Post Live.

Acting representatives of the White House also commented on the interview. So, at the traditional press conference, the topic was raised by press secretary Jen Psaki.

Many of us have watched the interviews, as have many other Americans and many people around the world. It takes courage to speak publicly, talks about your struggles with mental health issues, and tell your personal story. And that's definitely what President Joe Biden stands for,

— said Psaki, noting that Biden had previously spoken about the importance of investing in projects aimed at supporting mental health.

Recall that in an interview, Megan admitted that due to bullying from the British press, she had suicidal thoughts during her first pregnancy.

Buckingham Palace has not yet released an official statement, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already expressed his position.

I have always admired the Queen and the unifying role she plays in our country and in all countries of the Commonwealth. As for everything else, all other issues related to the royal family, I have not commented on them for a long time, and today I am not going to give up this rule,

— said, Johnson.

If the reaction in political circles was rather balanced and restrained, then celebrities from other areas did not hide their emotions.

Meghan Markle, my selfless friend, lives her own life and sets an example of empathy and compassion. She teaches me every day what it means to be truly noble. Her words illustrate the pain and cruelty she went through.

— said tennis player Serena Williams, with whom Megan is friends.

Markle also expressed her support for the poet Amanda Gorman, who became famous after speaking at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.

Meghan was the British monarchy's greatest opportunity for change, rebirth, and a new era. They not only mishandled this “ray of light”, but they also missed their chance,

— Gorman expressed her regret.

Megan was also supported by actress Gabrielle Union, reposting a message on Twitter, where they drew attention to the difference in the attitude towards Megan and Kate Middleton from the public and the press.

Can we recall for a second how obscene the behavior of the press and the palace was in anticipation of an interview, which actually turned out to be rather vague and restrained? What did they think Meghan and Harry were going to say? What did they have to do to be so scared?

— Tweeted actress and activist Jamila Jamil.

Actress Kate Beckinsale drew attention to the aggressive reaction of the British media even before the interview was shown, having published a video created by other netizens.

I have little interest in the royal family, but I am very grateful to @archiemannersmagic and @joshua_pieters for showing how these experts are keen to shape and spread their mostly negative opinions two days before the interview airs. Lashing out at a young, dark-skinned, pregnant woman and scolding in advance whatever she says is not only about hurting her. It hurts all of us, giving free rein to the desire to destroy and hunt witches,

— wrote Kate on Instagram.

One of the most scandalous moments in the interview was Meghan's admission that the palace was concerned about the color of her son Archie's skin. According to the Duchess, such conversations were conducted with Prince Harry when she was still pregnant. Megan declined to name names, and this moment seemed to upset some viewers.

Sadly, Meghan wasn't ready to tell us who made those purported comments about Archie's skin color. I believe she has a responsibility to tell us. Shame on Oprah for not insisting. This is a very strong charge!

— wrote the singer Boy George on his blog.

Megan's revelations, however, were not understood by everyone. So, British TV presenter Pierce Morgan on the air of the program “Good Morning Britain!” expressed his negative attitude towards the interview.

I am angry to the extreme. I'm sick of what I just saw. For two hours our monarchy and royal family have been muddled. In fact, they believe that everyone in the royal family is white supremacists. I just don't think it's acceptable

Morgan said.

Megan and some netizens were skeptical about what was said, believing that in many ways she contradicts herself (for example, they questioned the statements that Markle did not know anything about the royal family before), and also simply use topics that are currently relevant in the world (racism and discrimination) in their own interests.

However, it was not without the genre traditional for Twitter — instead of serious analytics, some netizens decided to limit themselves to memes and ironic remarks regarding what was said in the interview.

Oprah woke up one morning and thought: “You know what, I'm bored. Why not destroy the British monarchy!”

British society is so fragile that it is on the verge of collapse because of the actress from the TV drama!

The Queen sits in front of the TV and thinks: “Let's annex these colonies again. I've had enough!”

In the UK segment of Twitter, after the interview, the hashtag # AbolishTheMonarchy was also trending.

In the United States, the CBS channel, which broadcast the interview, was watched by 17 million viewers — an audience comparable to that of popular shows such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.

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