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US Supreme Court makes important Trump election decision

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The US Supreme Court has rejected the last of three lawsuits that ex-President Donald Trump filed in connection with his defeat in the November presidential election.

Reported by Reuters.

Trump demanded to invalidate thousands of absentee ballots cast in Wisconsin, where the Republican lost at least 20,000 votes to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

However, on March 8, the court rejected the motion without comment.

On February 22, two other appeals were rejected — one of them also challenged the election results in Wisconsin, and the second in the state of Pennsylvania, where Trump also lost.

Earlier, lower courts have already rejected Trump's claims in the same cases, after which he went to the Supreme Court.

Recall that Trump lost to Biden in the last election. The inauguration of the new president took place on January 20.

At the same time, Donald Trump has already hinted at the possibility of his participation in the next presidential elections in 2024 and expressed confidence that he will win.

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