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8 shocking facts from Harry and Meghan's Oprah Winfrey interview | Celebrity

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The information bomb that all Harry and Meghan fans were waiting for has exploded.

Stories of suicidal thoughts, accusations of bullying by the royal family, Princess Diana's jewelry in the frame — in an interview for the Oprah Winfrey show, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle laid out all the trump cards that the British believed they had. It should be noted that the” same " interview turned out to be really scandalous and will greatly complicate the Dukes of Sussex's relations with their august relatives. For example, we learned from it that...

Megan had suicidal thoughts but was not allowed to see a specialist

Perhaps the most shocking and implausible-sounding fact from the interview is that Meghan Markle was not allowed to see a psychologist about suicidal thoughts, because " it could be bad for the reputation of the crown.” “I didn't see any other way out [other than suicide]. I would wake up at night and think about how many lies about me would still appear in the press. At some point, I realized that they were doing this simply because I was alive and breathing. I was terribly ashamed to ask for help at the time and very ashamed in front of Harry, but I knew that if I didn't admit it, I would do it,” Meghan Markle said frankly. According to the Duchess, her thoughts about suicide were "clear", "methodical" and "specific".

As for the representatives of the family, they learned about this, did not allow Meghan to use the help of a specialist, because she is “not on the maintenance of the crown.”

Harry and Meghan got married three days before the official ceremony

Remember the wedding of Harry and Meghan, similar to an episode from a Disney fairy tale? It turns out that by that time the newlyweds were already married. They wanted the most intimate wedding possible, so there was not a single guest at the real ceremony.

Kate Middleton brought Meghan to tears on the eve of her wedding

The media then wrote that Meghan upset Kate to tears, but, according to the Duchess of Sussex, it was the opposite: Kate Middleton was out of sorts and snapped at Meghan because of some nonsense. However, she soon apologized and sent her younger daughter-in-law flowers with a postcard. “I don't want to sound dismissive: it was a difficult week on the eve of the wedding, she was upset about something, but she admitted that she was wrong and apologized. She did what I would have done if I had offended someone, " Meghan Markle admitted. And Meghan said that Kate is a “good person” and their rivalry is largely invented by the press, because " everyone wants there to be heroes and villains in the story.”

However, the most important part of the story about “crying Kate” was that it was after her that the press became absolutely ruthless to Meghan. Representatives of the Duchess of Sussex wanted to clarify this issue in the media, but they were not allowed. When Oprah asked why, Meghan, after a significant pause, replied: “That's a good question.”

Archie was not allowed to have a title

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, allegedly, decided to leave their first child without titles, “to ensure his quiet private life”, was not entirely true. In fact, according to Harry and Meghan, the title of the baby was not offered to anyone. “They didn't want Archie to be a prince. And he should not have received state protection and crown-paid protection. I found out about it in the last months of pregnancy and said, " Wait a minute! We don't demand that he be made a prince, but if the title affects the guards, he should be safe.” Markle added that she had not received a clear explanation for why Archie was denied the title.

...the royal family discussed the baby's skin color before he was born

Shocking tactlessness and, by modern Western standards, an obvious manifestation of racism-Meghan Markle admitted that members of the royal family discussed how “dark” their child with Harry would be. The couple refused to say who exactly asked this question because it would be " too destructive for his reputation.”

Prince Charles stopped answering his son's calls

After the” Megzit”, Prince Charles almost stopped communicating with his son — the couple's decision was a big blow for him. Prince Harry, in turn, did not understand his father's outrage: “I was upset by his reaction. In the end, he went through something similar. He should know how much it hurts, and Archie is his grandson. But no matter what, I will still love him. We have caused each other a lot of pain, but I hope we will be able to heal these wounds.”

Prince Harry has always “wanted to break away” from the family

Perhaps the most unpleasant revelation for Harry's family members is that he was always stuffy in the palace. The prince admitted that he felt trapped, locked, and isolated and only Meghan helped him free himself.

Buckingham Palace has never defended Meghan

Meghan Markle considers her main mistake to be that she believed that Buckingham Palace would protect her. Before the wedding, the duchess was assured that the crown would support her as well as other members of the royal family, but in all the time of fighting with the press, she was never helped. Even members of the British parliament spoke in the media with words of support for Meghan, but no one from the royal family ever spoke out in her defense.


The couple will have a girl!

And Harry and Meghan admitted to Oprah that they no longer plan to have children.

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