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Bloomberg Warns of Global Security Crisis Following Attack on Microsoft

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The situation with a hacker attack on Microsoft software turns into a global cybersecurity crisis, writes Bloomberg.

The agency notes that hackers aim to infect as many victims as possible before companies can protect their systems.

According to a former senior US official familiar with the investigation, the attack on Microsoft affected at least 60,000 companies worldwide.

The source said that measures are being taken at all levels of the American government to assess and eliminate the consequences of hackers' actions. At the same time, the threat persists and develops, the official said.

Earlier it was reported about 30,000 victims of the hacker attack.

In early March, Microsoft announced the discovery of four critical zero-day vulnerabilities in its messaging service. According to the company, the found security gaps have already been used by a professional group of hackers from China — Hafnium, which attacked a number of American departments, organizations, universities, government contractors, NGOs and think tanks in order to steal classified data.

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