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White House warns of the continued threat of cyber attacks on Microsoft software

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The White House has called on network operators to take further steps to determine if their systems were affected by the latest hacker attack on Microsoft's corporate Outlook email software, as the threat persists even after the company's security updates.

This is reported by Reuters with reference to a representative of the US Presidential Administration.

The White House is confident that the update released by Microsoft did not completely eliminate the vulnerability, and hackers can again gain access to the affected servers, and they do not exclude the possibility of further attacks on them by third parties.

“We reiterate that updates and remediation measures will not remedy the situation if the servers are already compromised. It is very important that every company whose server has vulnerabilities takes steps to determine if it is under attack,” the spokesperson said White House.

It is noted that the administration of US President Joe Biden has already formed a task force to develop response measures, and they expect a “comprehensive government response” to the problem.

Recall that the other day Microsoft announced that a group of hackers associated with the Chinese government remotely hacked mailboxes, using vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server software and trying to steal information from various organizations in the United States.

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