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Loud Corruption scandal in Germany over protective masks

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The deputy chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Union in the Bundestag, Georg Nusslein, made a lot of money on protective masks: he ordered them from certain suppliers.

According to the BILD, this amounts to more than 600 thousand euros, which were not taxed. Orders were carried out for the federal government and the government of the state of Bavaria. The Munich prosecutor's office confirmed that evidence of corpus delicti was found in a total of 13 objects.

For a start, parliamentary immunity was removed from Nussline. And today it became known that the person involved in the case is leaving big politics. Now he faces criminal liability.

Tired of lockdown

Meanwhile, ordinary Europeans are worried about unemployment and lack of funds, which are being driven by new restrictive measures introduced by governments. In Austria, the crown-skeptics held a series of protests: thousands of people gathered in Vienna to rally against the lockdown. The police intervened in the process because most of the protesters were without mandatory masks.

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