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Poles against the purchase of vaccines in China or Russia — a survey

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The vast majority of Poles do not want the government to buy coronavirus vaccines from China or Russia.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the Institute Pollster for the publication “Super Express”, according to Polsat News.

In the survey, Poles were asked whether the government should buy Russian and Chinese vaccines.

81 percent of those surveyed said that the government should not buy the Russian vaccine, but only 19 percent that it should.

For the Chinese vaccine, 26 percent were in favor of the purchase and 74 percent were against it.

Virologist Professor Wlodzimierz Gut said that “the vaccines meet international requirements.”

“They are based on the same factor, only the ways of obtaining it are different. Unfortunately, Poles have Russophobia and a bad experience because of buyers who import the worst products from China, including drugs,” the professor said.

“They don't know how well all the vaccination procedures are provided,” he added.

Earlier it became known that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) began an examination of the registration dossier of the Russian vaccine.

The countries of the European Union, Hungary, and Slovakia have already approved the use of the vaccine on an individual basis, without waiting for the pan-European registration.

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