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A scandal erupted in Serbia over the illegal wiretapping of the president

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In Serbia, a serious scandal erupted due to the fact that President Aleksandar Vucic and his family were wiretapped many times illegally.

This is reported by the Serbian edition of the RTS.

The publication writes that at a meeting of the National Security Council on March 6, chaired by Vucic, the latter announced illegal wiretapping. He and his relatives have listened to more than 1.5 thousand times, and high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country took part in this.

“1572 conversations were only documented, and who knows how many there were. For me, it is important, which I am proud of, that none of these conversations contained anything compromising either for prosecutors or for the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” the president said.

Vucic has long been aware that he is being bugged. Law enforcers are trying to find out who was listening to the president and on whose behalf. Wiretapping of the head of state is being investigated as a serious criminal offense under the article “Attempt to overthrow the constitutional order.”

It is known that the President of Serbia is fiercely fighting crime in the country. It has been repeatedly reported that Vucic is under threat after representatives of the Montenegrin mafia clans were detained in Serbia.

By the way, the main topic of Saturday's meeting of the Security Council was the details of actions to combat organized crime in Serbia.

According to Serbian media reports, in addition to powerful organized crime, there are 55 foreign security services from 40 countries operating in Serbia. In addition, there are undercover agents whose numbers have not been specified.

Earlier, reported that the former chief of the General Staff of Serbia was imprisoned for espionage in favor of the United States.

We also wrote that at the end of last year, Vucic promised that Serbia would never join NATO.

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