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China has become the most powerful maritime state in the world

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China has the largest navy in the world. From 2015 to the present, China has amassed the world's largest naval forces. And now he is working to strengthen them.

Reported by CNN.

Comparison of the US Navy and China Navy

In 2015, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's fleet included 255 warships, according to the US Naval Intelligence Agency. And as of the end of 2020, there were 360 of them, 60 more than the US Navy.

“In just two decades, the combat forces of the Chinese Navy have more than tripled. The People's Republic of China already commands the largest naval forces in the world and is building modern surface ships, submarines, aircraft carriers, fighters, landing ships, submarines with an alarming speed. Ballistic nuclear missiles, large boats of the Coast Guard and polar icebreakers, “- said in a December report by the heads of the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

In addition, the ships that China receives are more modern than those of other countries. These include ships such as the Type 055 destroyer — which some analysts say is superior in firepower to the American Ticonderoga-class cruisers — and landing ships that could land thousands of Chinese troops off foreign shores.

While China is expected to deploy 400 ships by 2025. Then in the United States, they plan to have a fleet of 355 ships, which is a significant numerical disadvantage. But if you count the military, the US Navy is larger: more than 330,000 troops versus 250,000 Chinese.

“The big advantage of the Chinese navy over the US navy lies in patrolling and coastal combatants, corvettes, and below,” said Nick Childs, a defense analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

China is the world's largest ship manufacturer

In 2018, China held 40% of the global shipbuilding market. China built more ships in one year of peacetime (2019) than the United States in four years of war (1941-1945).

“During the emergency shipbuilding program during World War II, which supported huge mechanized armies in two theaters of war thousands of miles from home. US ship production peaked at 18.5 million tons per year, and the United States ended the war with the merchant fleet. That “weighed 39 million tons,” said Thomas Shugart, a senior fellow at the Center for New American Security and a former US Navy captain, testifying before Congress last month.

In 2019 alone, China built over 23 million tonnes of sea-going vessels, and China's merchant fleet is over 300 million tonnes.

“Between 2014 and 2018, China launched more submarines, warships, landing craft, and support equipment than the number of ships currently serving in individual navies in Germany, India, Spain, and the United Kingdom.” said in a message from China Power Project.

Building ships with rockets

Royal United researcher Siddharth Kaushal believes that most of China's population is concentrated in corvettes, frigates, and diesel-electric submarines. The ships that the army is taking to sea off the coast of China are protected by large land-based missile forces.

“Missiles pose problems for the projection of US power and prevent overwhelming naval and air forces from attacking mainland China. However, it also contributes to the projection of force against local nations, as these countries become much more vulnerable when the maritime links that allow the US to support them are interrupted, “said Kaushal.

For example, if the US Navy were unable to operate in the South China Sea due to a missile threat from China, it would be difficult for the US Navy to defend the Philippines, with which Washington has a mutual defense treaty.

“Take a look at what China is actually investing in. Yes, they are putting more ships in the water, but they are investing heavily in anti-ship missiles as well as satellite systems to be able to target ships,” said Admiral Mike Guilday.

China uses military power to its advantage

The massive build-up of China's navy coincides with reaffirming its claims to nearly the entire 3.3 million square kilometers of the South China Sea.

“The islands and reefs in the South China Sea have unique advantages in protecting national sovereignty and maintaining a military presence on the high seas,” reads an article in the Beijing-based Naval and Merchant Ships magazine published in December 2020 by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation. which supplies the PLA Navy.

Experts believe that in order to use the military power of China in its global interests, China has begun to “protect the distant seas.”

“Some Chinese military analysts believe that the PLA absolutely needs to defend China's overseas interests, and note that strengthening the navy is essential to building China's image as a great power,” they said.

Earlier we reported that in response to US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who called China the main geopolitical challenge of the 21st century, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the United States the “greatest threat” to his country.

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