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In the United States, a person arrested for possession of marijuana smoked a jamb right in court. Video

The court tried Spencer Boston, a 20-year-old, for drug possession.

In the state of Tennessee, a man smoked marijuana right in court, expressing disagreement with the ban on its use, reports CNN.

Spencer Boston, a 20-year-old Tennessee resident, was tried in a marijuana possession case. The guy tried to prove to the judge that marijuana should be legalized.

At the same time, he decided to demonstrate her smoking in practice: pulled out of his pocket the weed twisted into a cigarette, set it on fire with matches and smoked its rights in the courtroom. He took a few puffs before the police officer ran up to him. The guy also managed to shout out, “People deserve better.”

Remember, earlier in the U.S., they offered to legalize marijuana all over the country. Thus, Oregon Senator Ron Widen, who introduced the bill, said that “the federal ban on marijuana is wrong.

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