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The British announced the “collapse” of the European Union due to the approach to vaccination

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Readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail criticized the European Union's approach to vaccination against the new coronavirus infection. They expressed their opinion in the comments to the article by journalist Tim Stickings.

In his material, Stickings noted that in Germany they are calling for the use of the Russian vaccine to accelerate vaccination against the backdrop of “supply chaos” within the European Union and doubts about the drug company AstraZeneca.

“We have to ask the Russians for help. Poor EU, ” wrote one commentator.

In the opinion of another reader, “the failed pan-European superpower is crumbling before our eyes.”

In addition, the British drew attention to the fact that the European Union “happily accepts the vaccine” from Russia, which it calls an enemy.

Earlier, the European Commission recognized the right of EU member states to buy the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

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