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A residential area for the older generation of LGBT people will appear in London

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The creators of the residential complex expect that both LGBT people and heterosexual couples who share the values of the community will live in it.

In London, in the Vauxhall area, a separate living area will be created for older LGBT people. This is the first time such an area will appear in Britain. Writes about this Evening Standard.

Those retirees will be able to move into apartments on the banks of the Thames in the summer.

“The fact is that many older people in nursing homes are forced to hide their orientation. A separate neighborhood will give them the opportunity to live in a friendly and safe environment, ” explained Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing.

Pensioners will be provided with 19 apartments in the Bankhouse building. Their cost is 5.7 million pounds. Residents will pay only part of the rent. They will have access to the rooftop terrace, garden, and restaurant. Separately, retirees will be able to buy a package of care services, depending on their needs.

Not only same-sex couples can apply for the program, but also heterosexual families who share LGBT values.

Earlier, a court in the Chinese province of Jiangsu sided with the authors of a textbook in which homosexuality was recognized as a mental disorder.

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