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The regulator in the UK launched an antitrust investigation against Apple

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The British Competition and Markets Authority will conduct an antitrust investigation against the American company Apple, according to the regulator's website.

The investigation began due to the developers' statements that the conditions of the Apple app store were unfair and anti-competitive. The developers' complaints are related to the fact that they are forced to pay Apple a 30% commission for distributing their applications through the corporate store of the corporation — the App Store, without being able to interact with customers outside the corporate store of the corporation. Payment for all additional options and updates that a customer wants to purchase for a particular application must also go through the App Store.

“The CMA investigation will examine whether Apple has a dominant position in the distribution of apps on the company's devices in the UK and, if so, imposes unfair or anti-competitive conditions on developers using the App Store, which ultimately leads to the fact that users have less choice or pay more for applications and additional functions, ” the regulator said in a statement.

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