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The scandal with Meghan Markle: the Duchess refused to return clothes to fashion designers

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39-year-old Meghan Markle was infuriated by the strict royal rule not to accept gifts. She wanted to keep for herself the things that the designers had sent her.

Fashion designers dream of top celebrities wearing their brands. They often send accessories or clothing as a compliment. Megan got used to such gestures when she was an actress. But the relationship with the prince forced her to abandon old habits, which she absolutely did not want to do.

The Force Majeure star received tons of boxes of designer items when the world found out about her affair with Harry. Markle was going to keep them for herself, but the royal assistants forbade her. Then she entered into an argument with them, which grew into a major quarrel in a raised voice. Megan found it disrespectful to send gifts back to designers, especially those with whom she is friends.

“If she continued to be an actress, it would be acceptable to accept free stuff. But in the course of the scandal, the palace staff had to explain to Megan that this should not be done when you are a member of the royal family, ” the source told The Sun.

The insider's words came after the Duchess of Sussex accused her of harsh treatment of her assistants. An authoritative British publication quoted a letter from former secretary Kate Middleton and Prince William, in which he noted that he was worried about the staff assigned to Megan. The former actress called the accusations “a calculated smear campaign.”

However, Buckingham Palace expressed concern after the release of the material. If the representatives of the monarchs were usually silent, then this time an official response came from the residence of Elizabeth II. The palace assures that an investigation into the bullying of staff will be carried out.

“We are very concerned about the allegations made by former employees of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the Times. Our HR team will look into the circumstances described in the article. Staff, including those no longer employed at the palace, will be invited to do this. The royal family has a policy of respecting the work of its employees for many years and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace, ” Fox News was quoted as saying.

Meghan made a shocking confession while talking to Oprah. She accused the monarchs of spreading false information about them with Prince Harry. The Duchess reminded the British of the wife of her abdicated uncle Elizabeth II.

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