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The American was looking for the keys on the couch, and he found the boa

Photo: wmbfnews.com
Now they're waiting for the snake owner to show up.

The man among the sofa cushions was looking for the keys that had piled up, and he found a huge reptile. He immediately reported the discovery to the police. Boa was taken to the pet store.

A resident of the American city of Rose Hill, Kansas, looked for the keys among the pillows on the sofa and suddenly found a two-meter long boa lying there, reports WMBF-TV.

The man dialed 911 and reported that a large snake crawled into his house. Uniforms caught the reptile and took it to the nearest pet shop.

The incident was reported to the local residents. The police are waiting for the boss of the ostrich to be found. If that does not happen, the boa will participate in educational seminars. He will be shown to schoolchildren as part of a reptile program.

An ordinary boa is a non-poisonous snake. This species reaches three to four meters in length. The boa feeds on mammals, birds, and reptiles.

As previously reported, an Australian resident saved his four-year-old son from a python. The incident took place when the family was celebrating a housewarming party.

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