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Increased the security of the Capitol due to a possible attack

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Capitol police said they had been alerted to a possible attack and had taken “immediate” security measures.

US police said Wednesday they were stepping up security in Washington after intelligence agencies uncovered a “possible plot to infiltrate the Capitol” on Thursday, nearly two months after a deadly attack by a supporter of former President Donald Trump. Reported by Correo del Sur.

“We received intelligence information indicating a possible conspiracy to infiltrate the Capitol by identified militias on Thursday, March 4,” the US Capitol police said in a statement on Twitter.

“We've already made significant improvements in security,” after the January 6 attack, added in force.

In addition, Capitol security added that it is “alert and prepared for any potential threat to members of Congress or the Capitol complex.”

And he said he takes intelligence reports “seriously” and works with local, state, and federal forces to “stop any threat to the Capitol,” although he avoided going into details.

On Tuesday night, Capitol police simply indicated that they had been alerted to “disturbing information related to March 4,” and that they had taken “immediate” steps to improve security.

Congressional Protocol and Security Chief Timothy Blodgett sent a message to Congress on Monday informing them that he is working closely with police to track information “related to March 4 and possible demonstrations. around what some call “real investiture day.”

“The importance of this date seems to have diminished among various groups in recent days,” he nonetheless stressed in an email published by the American media.

Before 1933, American presidents came to power on March 4, not January 20, as it is now.

During Donald Trump's presidency, the QAnon conspiracy theorists proclaimed without any evidence that the Republicans would save the world from corrupt and pedophilic elites.

On January 6, protesters included self-proclaimed members of the QAnon organization, protesting against alleged fraud in the presidential election in which Trump was defeated by Joe Biden.

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