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Falling one after another into the abyss: the death of students in Bolivia

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In Bolivia, as a result of a terrible incident in one of the country's largest universities, five students were killed and three more were in intensive care, falling from the fourth floor in one of the academic buildings.

This is reported by the local newspaper Correo del Sur.

The incident occurred on March 2 at the University of El Alto, where during a student meeting at the Faculty of Economic, Financial, and Administrative Sciences, a stampede formed and the fences of the fourth floor of the building could not withstand the onslaught of people.

The Bolivian police chief, Johnny Aguilera, arrived at the scene of the tragedy and was tasked with compiling a full report on the incident.

“We regret the tragedy that occurred at El Alto State University (UVERO), where several people were killed and injured. We express our deepest condolences to the residents of El Alto and the families of the victims. We look forward to finding out the facts as soon as possible,” President Luis Arce wrote on Twitter.

Recall that last month in Chile, a police officer shot a young juggler, considering the knives with which he worked, dangerous.

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