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Billions will die: a terrible prophecy about the coronavirus has been published

The panic surrounding the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemic continues to grow. More and more alarming predictions are emerging about the spread of the disease and the fate of humanity. Iranian Salman Salehigudarza has also not been left out of global hysteria. A man who calls himself a visionary has predicted the death of billions of people.

The coronavirus epidemic was a punishment to mankind for an unjust life, he believes. Salekhigudarza claims the disease will cause enormous damage: half the world's population - several billion people - will die.

7.7 thousand cases of coronavirus infection in China have already been confirmed. Taking other countries into account, the number is approaching 8,000. Several major cities in the Celestial Empire have been quarantined.

There are 170 victims of the coronavirus.

The same number has been cured. Thus, so far, the mortality rate from the epidemic is 50-50.

Meanwhile, scientists from Hong Kong have reported that a vaccine has been developed. It will take several months to test for animals and another year to test for humans.

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