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Media: Trump discussed with the Chinese leader Biden case in June

Back in June, US leader Donald Trump discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping issues related to former vice president Joe Biden, CNN reports citing sources familiar with the situation.

On Thursday, October 3, Trump announced that he wants China to also begin its investigation into this case. Two weeks earlier, the president claimed that China-funded Biden and would like to see his head of the White House.

According to CNN, the US leader on July 18 discussed with Xi Jinping the political prospects of his opponents in the presidential race — Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The telephone conversation is stored on a carefully guarded server, in the same place as the negotiations with Vladimir Zelensky, which led to the launch of the impeachment procedure.

Recall, on September 25, the White House unveiled a transcript of a conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine. According to this data, the US leader did ask his colleague to take up the Biden case and received a corresponding promise.

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